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June 2, 2017

The Paediatric Chairs of Canada are proud to announce the recipients of the 2017 Paediatric Academic Leadership Awards! 

Dr. Jeremy Friedman (University of Toronto) is PCC’s recipient of the 2017 Paediatric Academic Leadership - Clinician Practitioner Award.

Dr. Ming-Ka Chan (University of Manitoba) is PCC’s recipient of the 2017 Paediatric Academic Leadership - Clinician Educator Award.

Dr. Alexander MacKenzie (University of Ottawa) is  PCC’s recipient of the 2017 Paediatric Academic Leadership - Clinician Investigator Award.

Congratulations to our winners! 

Dr. Friedman, Dr. Chan and Dr. MacKenzie will be honoured at the Annual Awards Reception and Dinner that takes place alongside the PCC Fall Business Meeting in October. 

Click here to read more about the awards. 

Click here to read more about this years winners. 

January 30, 2016

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Emily Gruenwoldt as the new President & CEO, Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres, and Executive Director, Paediatric Chairs of Canada, effective January 30, 2017.  Emily joins CAPHC & PCC following the retirement of Elaine Orrbine, who provided over 15 years of exemplary services to the organizations and to children and families across Canada.  We’ve had many opportunities to wish Elaine the very best in her well-earned retirement.

Emily comes to CAPHC and PCC with a wealth of leadership experience in health care and association management.  Most recently, Emily has served as Director, Professional Affairs and Director, Physician Learning and Development, at the Canadian Medical Association, where she has led strategic initiatives to advance the medical profession and to increase and support leadership capability and capacity – among other strategic and operational responsibilities.  Emily has also worked previously with the Association of Canadian Academic Healthcare Organizations and the Canadian Nurses Association.  Emily also brings significant health care governance experience having served as a board member of The Ottawa Hospital and as a current member of the Arnprior Regional Health board.  The joint CAPHC/PCC Selection Committee was particularly impressed with Emily’s intelligence, strategic vision, and communications skills, as well as her clear passion for the health of Canada’s children and youth.  

Please share this message throughout your organizations and networks, and join us in welcoming Emily to the CAPHC/PCC family.  

On behalf of,

Allison Eddy,
President, PCC

Peter Fitzgerald,
Chair, CAPHC Board of Director

October 2016

Dr. Michael Shevell re-appointed to second term as Chair of Pediatrics at McGill University, Faculty of Medicine.
Link to announcement HERE.

Dr. Ciarán Duffy re-appointed to second term as Chair of Pediatrics at University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine. 
Link to announcement HERE

June 2015

Paediatric Chairs Alumni Event

In June of 2015,  the Paediatric Chairs of Canada (PCC) held a special PCC Alumni Event at the beautiful Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning in Toronto, in association with the CPS Conference and PCC Business Meetings. The purpose of the event was to reconnect, share valuable insights and past-Chairs perspectives on "life after being a Department Chair". 

In addition to the current Department Chairs, PCC was honoured to welcome the following distinguished Alumni:

Dr. Alvin Zipursky, former Chair at McMaster University
Dr. Bob Armstrong, former Chair at University of British Columbia
Dr. Bob Peterson, former Chair at
University of Ottawa
Dr. Brian Wherrett, former Chair at Queen's University
Dr. Cheryl Greenburg, former Chair at University of Manitoba
Dr. Claude Lemoine, former Chair at
Université Sherbrooke
Dr. Harvey Guyda, former Chair at McGill University

Dr. Joe Reisman, former Chair at University of Ottawa
Dr. Jonathan Kronick, former Chair at University of Toronto
Dr. Lennox Huang, former Chair at McMaster University
Dr. Marie Gauthier, former Chair at Université Montréal
Dr. Michael Moffatt, former Chair at University of Manitoba
Dr. Peter Camfield, former Chair at Dalhousie University
Dr. Peter Dent, 
former Chair at McMaster University
Dr. Peter Steer, former Chair at McMaster University
Dr. Pierre Déry, former Chair at
Université Laval
Dr. Richard Cooper, former Chair at Memorial University
Dr. Robert Haslam, former Chair at University of Toronto and University of Calgary




Business Meetings

In Association with the CPS Conference 

June 2017 Vancouver

June 2016 Charlottetown

June 2015 Toronto

June 2014 Montreal

June 2013 Edmonton

June 2012 London

June 2011 Québec City 

June 2010 Vancouver 

June 2009 Ottawa 

June 2008 Victoria 

June 2007 Montreal 

June 2006 St. John's


PCC Professional Development Workshops

Date 2016 06 24 Charlottetown, PEI
Theme The Measure of Things: Understanding and Managing National Data

Date 2015 06 25 Toronto, ON
Theme Professor Binna Kandola and the Unconscious bias in decision making.

Date 2014 06 26 Montréal, QC
Theme What should we as leaders in child health in Canada be focusing on in PCC's strategic priorities over the next five years?

Date 2013 06 20 Edmonton, AB
Theme Maximizing Impact of Strategic Planning: Sharing nationally to enhance local success!

Date 2012 06 07 London, ON
Theme Can we increase productivity through financial incentives? What's working? What else can we do?

Date 2011 06 16 Québec City, QC
Theme Strategies for Cross-Generational Leadership

Date 2010 06 24 Vancouver, BC
Theme Transition to Retirement: Challenges and Solutions

Date 2009 06 25 Ottawa, ON
Theme Effective communications when dealing with government. How do we get our key messages across?

Date 2008 06 26 Victoria, BC
Theme Learning Strategies

Date 2007 06 28 St. John's, NL
Theme Leading Change: Who would want to be led by you?





In Association with CAPHC Conference

October 2017 Montreal

October 2016 Halifax

October 2015 Québec City

October 2014 Calgary

October 2013 Toronto

October 2012 Vancouver

October 2011 Ottawa 

October 2010 Winnipeg 

October 2009 Halifax 

October 2008 Edmonton 

October 2007 Montreal 

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